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news – page 29 – eisai china lnc.-nba直播小9直播

on the afternoon of march 4th, 2010, zhongshan university annual scholarship award ceremony for 2010 was held at the k .k. leung hall located at south campus of the university. guests from the award donated organizations, leaders of the university, and more than 1000 student representatives participated.
the deputy secretary of zhongshan university announced scholarship list and made a speech. after made congratulation to scholarship-awarded groups and individuals he expressed sincere gratitude to the representatives of organizations. the representatives from the donated organizations made a speech and encouraged students study hard, reward the society with more knowledge and more ability. mr. akihito tsuge, vice general manager of eisai china inc., went up onto the platform to issue the scholarship award for the medical college students and took group photos with them.
taking the hhc (human health care) as corporation commitment, eisai china inc. not only provides high-quality, environmental-friendly, safe, and satisfied products and services to patients and their family members, but also actively repays the society by making unceasing efforts in contributing to development of china’s pharmacy market. eisai china inc. has set up eisai scholarship at zhongshan university since 2006, with a prize of rmb100,000 annually for the outstanding medical students.
ten-year partnership reaps rich fruits
excitement flickers in the peacefulness and vigorous spirit overflows in the tranquility on the campus of suzhou university in the afternoon. under such harmonious ambience, eisai china 2010 pharmacy scholarship award ceremony was held at bingling library on the dushu lake campus on december 29, 2010.
present at the award ceremony are executives of eisai china inc and suzhou university along with scholarship-winning students.
the ceremony starts at 2:30 pm, first, dean zhen xuechu delivered a speech. he extends heartfelt thanks to eisai china inc for ten years of unremitting support and hopes more cooperation henceforward with eisai china inc in r & d, technical support, etc.
after that, mr. tsuge akihit, vice general manager of eisai china inc made a speech. he makes the commitment that eisai china inc will always adhering to putting the “hhc”(human health care) philosophy into day-to-day work and hopes that the medical university students today will continuously strive for the pharmaceutical cause and make more contributions to society after graduation. following mr. tsuge akihit’s speech comes the exciting moment, mr. ge zhiqiang, vice president of medical college announced the scholarship winners. he encouraged the students to guard against conceit and make unremitting efforts to score even greater achievements.
at the ensuing award ceremony, the scholarship winners come onto the stage in turn to be awarded the scholarship with smiling faces. following that, a scholarship-winning student made a speech on behalf of all the winners. she makes the commitment to strive to become a good doctor whole-heartedly serving people. the ceremony comes to the close. all the people take photos at the entrance to the library as a memento to mark this valuable occasion.

in pursuit of its human health care philosophy, eisai china, inc. (eci) proactively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities by helping promote the advancement of medical sciences in china. to this end, eci established the eisai scholarship grant at suzhou pharmaceutical technology school, donating a total of rmb20,000 annually to fund scholarships awarded to deserving students.

the 2010 eisai scholarship award ceremony was held at the suzhou pharmaceutical technology school on september 29, 2010. a total of 20 students with excellent academic achievements received the award. mr. wan, director of eci’s manufacturing department, gave the speech and presented the awards on behalf of eci.

the partnership between eci’s suzhou factory and suzhou pharmaceutical technology school (spts) goes a long way back. every year, eci recruits a number of new graduates from spts either as interns or employees. many of these graduates now work in suzhou factory in the areas of manufacturing, quality control, inspection and logistics, in various positions such as supervisors, engineers, analysts and technicians. these graduates are now making valuable contributions to the development of the company.

eci hopes to maintain the eisai scholarship grant in order to encourage students to excel in interdisciplinary sciences, thereby producing graduates with high intellectual capability, ethical and moral standards.

on september 11, 2010, eci held a press conference and kick off ceremony in beijing to launch the “yellow handkerchief love action” event this year. this activity is aimed at appealing to the public nationwide to pay more attention to and care for dementia patients and to make concerted efforts in the prevention and treatment of dementia.
the yellow handkerchief love action series was launched in 2006 in collaboration with the alzheimer’s and related diseases commission of china senile healthcare. this is an ongoing project that calls the attention and participation of people from all walks of life.
each year on september 21, alzheimer’s associations around the world unite to celebrate world alzheimer’s day and join in efforts to raise awareness of as well as the prevention and treatment of the disease. as part of this effort, eci organized large-scale free medical consultation and treatment events in six major cities in china (qingdao, xian, tianjin, wuhan, chongqing and nanjing). over 4,000 doctors participated in these events, which draws thousands of elderly people each year. in a similar effort, 120 grade-a hospitals across china have set up alzheimer’s disease centers and carried out small-scale free medical consultation and treatment events.
in fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility, eci will continue to proactively participate in activities aimed at disseminating knowledge of alzheimer’s disease, advocating care for the elderly, and helping to create a harmonious society.
(april 19, 2010)    eisai china, inc. today donated rmb309,000 worth of antibiotic drugs to yushu area, qinghai province which was heavily damaged when a m7.1 strong earthquake struck the area on april 14. upon hearing the news of the disaster, eci took action and learned that people in the earthquake-stricken area were in dire need of antibiotics among other common drugs. eci immediately made arrangements to deliver antibiotics to the area through the general hospital of pla lanzhou military area, thus, helping the community in its medical relief efforts.
with human health care as its mission statement and in pursuit of the hhc spirit, eisai china, inc. is actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities in china by providing patients and their families with safe, high quality products and services and giving back to society by supporting programs and efforts aimed at improving healthcare.