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news – page 28 – eisai china lnc.-nba直播小9直播

on aug. 21, 2014, eisai, with the help of seismic rescue brigade dispatched by the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university, donated medical supplies and cashed valued rmb 600,000 to the areas in yunnan hit by ludian earthquake, including medical supplies valued rmb 250,000 and rmb 350,000 cashes. the cashes will be used in post-disaster reconstruction of village clinics there.

eisai attached great importance to this ludian earthquake relief work. the chairman ose yoshiyuki and general manager feng yanhui of eisai went to the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university in person and handed over the medical suppliers and cashed to the seismic rescue brigade on a simple donation ceremony. lu xin, vice-president of the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university, mao yin, director of the medical department and zhong yong, deputy director of the medical department attended the ceremony. after the ceremony, the chairman, general manager and other delegates from eisai visited 3 patients injured in the earthquake and then receiving treatment in the orthopaedic ward and burn ward, presenting fruits and flowers. leaders of the hospital pointed out that the earthquake has caused enormous personal injury and property damage, hoping that more caring enterprises would give a helping hand.

eisai will keep a close eye on the progress and demands of the earthquake-stricken areas, maintain close communication with the seismic rescue brigade dispatched by the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university and further support the earthquake relief work in local areas. eisai hoped to do his share for helping the residents in the earthquake-stricken areas. apart from the above, eisai plan to organize hhc (human health care) campaigns to actively help the residents with homeland rehabilitation.

it is reported that eisai has established its presence in chinese market for 23 years and has established a profound friendship with china for 42 years. when china is hit by major natural disasters, eisai always has a caring heart for the stricken areas and offers humanitarian aid and support for people there. for example, eisai donated rmb 5 million via wenchuan earthquake the red cross society of china after occurrence of wenchuan earthquake, which were then invested in the construction of eisai red cross boai health center in kaijiang town, zhongjiang county, sichuan. for another instance, eisai donated antibiotic drugs valued rmb 390,000 after occurrence of yushu earthquake in qinghai. eisai is committed to mankind health care services and values honoring social responsibility as his key mission. 

the “meet you on wednesdays” platform sponsored by china international forum of medicine under chinese medical association and co-sponsored by eisai china inc. was officially launched recently. it is a network interaction & learning platform on peripheral neuropathy and other relevant diseases. china international forum of medicine is responsible for inviting prestigious national neurologist to deliver lectures and introduce typical cases of peripheral neuropathy, aiming at improving the skills of clinicians’ of all levels in mainland china in diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

since its launch in jul. 2012 till now, the platform has been broadcasting at 3:00 p.m. on the 2nd wednesday of each month. eisai china may organize doctors or the doctors may themselves visit  to watch the videos for learning and interaction. they can explore the latest guidelines released abroad, share and exchange views on typical cases, discuss on topics of peripheral neuropathy and share their valuable experience in scholar research and clinical diagnosis & treatment, thereby enhancing mutual communication and understanding.

“we-orthopedics” is a wechat public platform developed in response to the mass’s reduced dependency on pc terminals and increasing application of mobile pone app wechat. as the first wechat public platform of eisai, “we-orthopedics” is positioned as a platform designed for chinese orthopedists for the purpose of academic exchange in orthopedics and release of latest news, eisai orthopedics product information and events. it is also an aggressive exploration of eisai orthopedics team amidst the tide of e-promotion.

since its launch in sep. 2013, “we-orthopedics” phase-i, targeting at attracting orthopedists’ eyes, organized the wechat medical cases voting campaign. during the 2-month campaign, “we-orthopedics” attracted 2360 followers in total. “we-orthopedics” phase-ii targets at maintaining users’ loyalty with enriched contents and interactions. a brand new “we-orthopedics” is expected to be launched in late november. this wechat platform offers a variety of contents, covering we-news (orthopedics scholar and industrial news), face-to-face interactions with orthopedics specialists, information on eisai product campaigns, we-orthopedics knowledge contest, treasure hunt game (product info embedded) and entertainment news on fridays (relating to medical treatment).

this innovative wechat platform is well received by orthopedists. eisai orthopedics team will continue to explore e-promotion techniques in the field of medicine so as to create win-win solutions for corporations and customers and eventually bring benefit to patients.

osteoporosis is a latent and degenerative disease featured by high morbidity, disability rate and fatality rate. 69,440,000 persons of those aged 50 or above suffer from osteoporosis. the fatalness of osteoporotic fracture is 40% for women and 13% for men. for those suffering from osteoporotic fragility fracture on hip, 20% will die from complications of this disease, 30% become permanently disable, 40% lose the ability of independent ambulation, and 50% lose the ability of self-care after one year. meanwhile, medical staff serving those patients has to work for long hours under tremendous pressure. what’s more, physicians are also victims of diseases. they are exposed to twice higher risk of diseases than the peers. in particular, the physicians aged 40 or above are exposed to a much higher risk of geriatric diseases than average. the medical staff who brings health and happiness to patients also requires our concern and care.

the public service activity titled “osteoporosis-care for doctors” jointly sponsored by china association of health promotion and education and eisai china inc. was officially kicked off on may 3 in beijing hospital, marking the start of this large-scale public benefit campaign that will last for 3 months and cover more than 40 cities across china. sticking to the tenet of “concern, prevention and action”, the sponsors of this activity organized lectures on osteoporosis risk screening and health knowledge for medical staff, for the purpose of enhancing medical staff’s concern on their health and helping them acquire the knowledge on osteoporosis prevention and mitigate the risk and hazard associated with osteoporosis by means of early prevention & diagnosis and regulated treatment.

yin dakui, president of china association of health promotion and education and former vice-minister of national health and family planning commission, and liu keling, standing vice-president and secretary-general of china association of health promotion and education both spoke highly of this activity. at the kick-off meeting, wang jianye, secretary of the party committee of beijing hospital pointed out that this activity is launched at the right moment as medical staff calls for immediate public concern and care. pan wei, senior manager of pc-bu marketing section of eisai china primarily introduced eisai’s hhc (human health care) concept and expressed eisai’s resolution to offer its full support in bringing this activity to fruition.

prof. sun mingxiao, deputy head of the secretion department of beijing hospital and an expert in osteoporosis, delivered a special report titled “healthy bone and happy life”, mainly introducing how to effectively prevent and cure osteoporosis. he especially recommended vitamin k2 preparation as a safe drug for improving bone quality.

meanwhile, nearly 200 medical workers from beijing hospital and tongren hospital and 10 domestic media attended and raised questions at the kick-off meeting.

after the meeting, prof. sun mingxiao said that she acquired knowledge on vk2 and osteoporosis through lectures and hoped to apply glakay® capsules with the least delay possible to experience for herself this product’s remedies to osteoporosis. other doctors from tongren hospital and beijing hospital present at the kick-off meeting also expressed that many medicines are available for osteoporosis but only eisai and its glakay® products truly care for the health of medical workers. among 121 feedback questionnaires completed and submitted by medical workers from beijing hospital, 110 registered and applied to get glakay® samples.

the information on this kick-off meeting was also released on , ,  and . 74 in-house lectures are expected to be held in the incoming may-july across the country, covering doctors of 5000 person-time.

the opening ceremony of eisai youth elite training camp and award ceremony of eisai scholarship 2011 jointly organized by the student affairs office and youth league committee of shanghai jiao tong university (“sjtu”) school of medicine was held at 9:00 a.m. on jul. 5 in the conference room 201 of scientific education building at ruijin hospital. huang gang, the deputy dean of sjtu school of medicine, liu ye, the general manager of eisai china, zhou liwen, the head of eisai china tumor business unit, wang changchun, the senior manager of eisai china medicine business unit, tang hua, the chief of student affairs office, zhu jianheng, the secretary of youth league committee and more than 30 elite student representatives of sjtu school of medicine attended this meeting hosted by mr. zhu jianzheng.

huang gang, the deputy dean of sjtu school of medicine made a speech at the beginning of the meeting, stating that sjtu school of medicine has been gradually deepening its cooperation with eisai china which funds three scholarship programs for the school of medicine to cultivate elite students in various professions. he added that eisai china sticks to the social responsibilities which are perfectly in harmony with the philosophy of “medicine boosts scientific advancement” advocated by sjtu school of medicine.

following that, tang hua, the chief of student affairs office announced the winners of the scholarships and expressed his expectations on these students and his gratitude to eisai china on behalf of the school of medicine.

then chen yan, a student majoring in prophylaxis 2007 made a statement on behalf of all the students present. she firstly expressed her opinions on the sense of responsibility proposed by mr. huang gang in his speech and then summarized her gains and knowledge accumulations from 5-year learning at the university, concluding her words with the commitment of contributing to the society and the medicine undertaking with the support of scholarships.

finally, liu ye, the general manager of eisai china expounded on the relations of medical treatment & medicine, medical corporations & hospitals, and doctors & mrs in a vivid and witty way. he then expressed his hopes that the students about to take up clinical positions would bring benefit to the society with their growth and serve the society with their knowledge and that eisai and sjtu school of medicine would further deepen mutual cooperation.

besides, zhou liwen, the head of eisai china tumor business unit and yu liwei, a member of the youth association of sjtu school of medicine delivered speeches titled devotion and gratitude to medicine and how student leaders grow into elites respectively and interacted actively with the students, marking the opening of the training camp.

the scholarship programs funded by eisai china are an essential part of linkage of sjtu school of medicine’s training system of innovative talents with social enterprises intended for collaboration of college and enterprise and joint cultivation. the students said, by attending the ceremony, they not only understand the real relationship between medical corporations and medical college students but also realize the broad prospects in medial cooperation. moreover, it is a good opportunity for them to learn the essential attainments and qualities of student leaders. all of the above arouse their sense of responsibility to their professions and the society and they’ll benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired during the event for life.

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二、   雏鹰计划






  1. 客户管理:协助整理和完善区域的crm客户档案;
  2. 产品知识:熟练掌握公司产品知识,并有效传达给临床医生/学术带头人;
  3. 拜访技能:运用拜访技巧高效率地拜访目标客户并不断实践和提高;
  4. 可以独立拜访非目标医院,挖掘地区的潜力医院。


  1. 大三、大四或研二、研三在读学生,本科及以上学历,医学、药学、生物科学等相关专业优先;
  2. 较强的分析问题、解决问题的能力;
  3. 愿意接受挑战,具备较强的沟通及表达能力;
  4. 良好的团队合作精神,积极主动,吃苦耐劳;
  5. 一周至少保证三天的工作时间。


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on the afternoon of december 28, 2011,eisai pharmacy grant award ceremony was ceremoniously held at 155 conference room, red building, suzhou university. ms. yue wenqin, vice general manager of eisai (china) inc, mr. dong suxuan, regional manager of basic treatment division, ms gu chunmei, branding deputy manager of digestive hepatic disease division, mr. xue hui, director of office of development committee of suzhou university, mr. dai rongming, secretary of party & union committee of medical department, ms. jiang haiyan, cpc party secretary of nursing college, mr. ge zhiqiang, deputy dean of preclinical medicine & bioscience college, mr. zhang xuenong, deputy dean of pharmaceutical college attended the award ceremony. the awarding ceremony was moderated by li chunhong, director of student affairs office of medical department.

      the award ceremony started punctually at 3:30 pm. first, secretary dai delivered a speech. he expressed thanks to eisai (china) inc for the great support to the students of suzhou university over the past decade, and put forward three points of requirements for the grant-wining and grant-aided students:first, they should keep in mind the deep love and strong support from eisai, second, they should study hard and diligently to enhance themselves in an all-round way to lay a solid foundation for becoming pillars of the society in the future, third, they should feel indebted,always bearing a debt of gratitude to face life and future.
        and then, ms. yue wenqin, vice general manager of eisai (china) inc presented the background information and eisai inc and the purpose of setting up the scholarship and grant to the teachers and students present, hoping the students to study hard during the undergraduate time to create a bright future for themselves, and hoped to have further cooperation with medical department in the future.
       after the guests attending the ceremony awarded scholarships and grant to the scholarship-winning and grant-aided students in batches and took group photos with them as a souvenir, lisa li, a 2008 medical inspection major made a speech on behalf of the scholarship-winning and grant-aided students. she expressed thanks to eisai (china) inc and also the development with utmost attention from the school and all the students for the students,and committed solemnly to work harder to live up to the expectations on the students of suzhou university.
       next, mr. xue hui, director of office of development committee of suzhou university awarded the donation certificate to ms. yue wenqin of eisai (china) inc and delivered a speech. director xue appreciated the generous financial aid of eisai (china) inc over the past decadeand hoped the two units to maintain long-term friendly partnerships and further expand cooperative fields to realize win-win results.
      finally, all the guests attending the award ceremony took group photos together the the students at the red building square as a souvenir.
on the afternoon of november 22nd, 2011, zhongshan university annual scholarship award ceremony for 2011 was held at the k .k. leung hall located at south campus of the university. the honorable guests from the award donated organizations, leaders of the university, and more than 1000 student representatives of bearing the palm participated.
the deputy secretary of zhongshan university committee of chinese communist party announced the honorable roll resolution and made a speech. after made congratulation to the prize-awarding groups and individuals he expressed sincere gratitude to the representatives of organizations who donated the prizes to the school. the representatives from the donated enterprises made a speech as well to encourage the students study hard and to return to the society with more knowledge and more ability. mr. yukio akada, the presindent of the eisai china lnc., went up onto the platform to issue the scholarship award for the medical college students taking group photo to mark the occasion.
taking the hhc (human health care) as corporation commitment, eisai china lnc. not only provides high-quality, environmental-friendly, safe, and satisfied products and services to patients and their family members, but also actively repays the society by making unceasing efforts in contributing to development of china’s pharmacy market. eisai china lnc. has set up eisai scholarship at zhongshan university since 2006, with a prize of rmb100,000 annually for the outstanding medicine students.
adhering to the hhc(human health care)enterprise purpose, eisai china lnc. complies with ethics codes and fulfills gmp quality standards to provide patients and their families with high quality, eco-friendly, safe and satisfactory products and services and plays an active role in fulfilling our social responsibility by sponsoring pharmacy scholarship and making unremitting efforts to promote healthy development of china’s pharmaceutical market. to this end, eisai china has sponsored “eisai scholarship” at suzhou pharmaceutical technology school, denoting an annual amount of rmb 20,000 to incentivize excellent students.
          on the morning of september 30, 2011, eisai china lnc. held 2011 “eisai scholarship” award ceremony at suzhou pharmaceutical technology school. a total of 20 students with excellent academic achievements were awarded “eisai scholarship”. mr. wan, director of manufacturing department on behalf of all the staff of eisai china lnc. was present the award ceremony and delivered a speech. the partnership formed between eisai (suzhou) company and suzhou pharmaceutical technology school has gone a long way. every year we recruited a number of graduating students of suzhou pharmaceutical technology school to our company as interns or our regular employees. many graduates of suzhou pharmaceutical technology school are engaged on the pharmaceutical field in areas such as manufacturing, quality control, inspection and logistics, etc, acting as supervisors, engineers, analysts and technicians respectively, who are making their contributions to the development of the company. we hope “eisai scholarship” will incentivize more excellent students to stand out, becoming interdisciplinary and excellent pharmaceutical talents of high moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetical standards.
hello, everyone,
very pleased to inform you that eisai china inc.(eci) formally launched its official website.
eci website was built according to global website guideline and keep accordance with other eisai company. it provides company history, profile and product information etc, and update company news and recruitment information timely. at the same time, it led users to know and understand company culture and hhc philosophy of eisai. we believe it will function as a bridge between eci and its customers.
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